time out

time out

I’ve been working hard to get ready for the holiday sale, but I had a bit of a hiccup last week. My kiln stopped working. I had glazed all the ornaments in the photo above, and they were loaded in the kiln. Then I turned it on, and it would either give me an error message or tell me it was -20 degrees in there. I figured it was the thermocouple on my kiln, and that is what it was. I had a new one installed today, and I’m back on track. I’m not sure how practical it will be to list ornaments on etsy at this point, but I’ll do my best, and I’ll have them at the sale.

Trying to get ready for this sale has been maybe a little too much for me. My days are already full to the brim with three small children, and this has pushed me into exhausted/weepy territory. So I expect this small business to stay super small until I can get all the littles into elementary school. That will at least lead me into a realm somewhere between part-time and full-time. Right now it’s more like wee-hours-time. Or during-The-Little-Mermaid-time. Or please-for-the-love-of-pete-stop-yelling-at-me-for-snacks-time.

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I’m Amy Harding, mother to three little girls. I was an editor for 10 years, and now I stay home with the kids, while also going back to school for graphic design and making/selling pots. Things and people I love: family, ceramics, coffee, “Mad Men,” Louis C.K., sewing, tiki drinks and classic cocktails, gardening, Lucie Rie, Eva Zeisel, the beach, mid-century modernism, the fantastic work of my Mr. H., Bill Murray, Iron & Wine, R.E.M., graphic patterns, peacock blue, peanut butter, architecture, Jonathan Franzen, Don DeLillo, A.S. Byatt, David Sedaris, magazines, design, Wes Anderson, books, salt+sweet …

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