a room for working

a room for working

I finally have my studio back! That was quite the mess for a while there.

This is probably the cleanest this studio will ever look. I’m hoping that by moving the wheel farther into the studio, I can allow messes to hang out a little longer since the kids and dog won’t be walking through them as much. I have always been an oddly neat potter. All my ceramics instructors have pointed this out, to their amusement.

I managed to clear off some shelves for drying my work, but I imagine I’ll need to add another set of shelves at some point. Maybe they will go where that “Lost in Translation” poster is. That will really close me in though, so I’ll work with what I have for now.

I’m mainly glad that my wheel is no longer in the bay window. It sounded so nice at first: I’ll throw pots and look out at the leafy green trees! No, I’ll be throwing at night, startling at my own reflection and flinging clay all over the woodwork. A plain old wall is much easier to clean.

Because I must clean, for I am the OCD Potter.

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I’m Amy Harding, mother to three little girls. I was an editor for 10 years, and now I stay home with the kids, while also going back to school for graphic design and making/selling pots. Things and people I love: family, ceramics, coffee, “Mad Men,” Louis C.K., sewing, tiki drinks and classic cocktails, gardening, Lucie Rie, Eva Zeisel, the beach, mid-century modernism, the fantastic work of my Mr. H., Bill Murray, Iron & Wine, R.E.M., graphic patterns, peacock blue, peanut butter, architecture, Jonathan Franzen, Don DeLillo, A.S. Byatt, David Sedaris, magazines, design, Wes Anderson, books, salt+sweet …

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  1. i love that from your dining room and kitchen you have the view of your very pretty chair. (which i need to emulate someday.) i’ve always loved that space, it looks fantastic!

  2. how’s the standing wheel? I have to stand to center and pull up when I work with big pieces, but I have to be over the clay to do it properly (because I’m too little, otherwise, unless I get some better schoolin’)

    • Standing was weird at first, but I like it. I hunch enough as it is — this helps. I move around more in general, which helps prevent stiffness. I don’t throw a lot of tall pieces, but I imagine it might be tricky. I may need to get a sturdy stool or platform if I do that (that would be easier than lowering the thing). Uh, I don’t have the too-little problem when centering. I have a tendency to just shove the clay clean off the wheel — sometimes not even from the wheelhead, but from the middle of the hunk of clay. Too forceful. I do best when I use the strength of my arms against each other, with one of them braced and the clay in the middle, if that makes sense.

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