decals + smoothies

decals + smoothies

Here is a Photoshop document I put together to try out some decals on my pots. This will be an experiment! I don’t intend to use the full images. There will be lots of slicing going on. They will become less ocean and more color and line. But still ocean-y. If they work at all. We shall see.

I would like nothing more than to be transported into one of these photos right now. The beach is my happy place, and I’ve been a little crabby today. A couple days ago, I started my own version of the Clean cleanse that Blair mentions here. I’d been thinking about doing something like this ever since I had my food-allergy reaction a couple months ago. So here we go. 21 days. (roughly) No coffee, alcohol, wheat, oats, dairy, eggs, soy, or a whole list of other foods. Liquid foods for breakfast and dinner. I’ve been making my own smoothies rather than buying the expensive Clean stuff. I just stick to the Clean Elimination Diet ingredients and try to get a good number of calories and a balance of protein/fat/carbs.

After a few weeks, I’ll add things back into my diet one thing at a time and see how I feel. Maybe I will get some sort of clue about why I haven’t been feeling so great lately. If anything, it will be a good reset. That is, if I can get through the first few days. Crabby.

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I’m Amy Harding, mother to three little girls. I was an editor for 10 years, and now I stay home with the kids, while also going back to school for graphic design and making/selling pots. Things and people I love: family, ceramics, coffee, “Mad Men,” Louis C.K., sewing, tiki drinks and classic cocktails, gardening, Lucie Rie, Eva Zeisel, the beach, mid-century modernism, the fantastic work of my Mr. H., Bill Murray, Iron & Wine, R.E.M., graphic patterns, peacock blue, peanut butter, architecture, Jonathan Franzen, Don DeLillo, A.S. Byatt, David Sedaris, magazines, design, Wes Anderson, books, salt+sweet …

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  1. Good luck with the cleanse. I’m most certain I’d never make it, right now at least. May you have strength through this difficult time 😉

  2. I read into that. I’d WAY rather go vegan than “clean”. So grateful that I don’t have food allergies and grateful N seems to be outgrowing his dairy allergy.

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