work night

work night

Here a few things I was working on during my weekly work night (the night Chris puts the kids to bed so I can work from dinner until the wee hours). My hands are still not healed from last month’s allergic reaction, so I’m avoiding throwing. I figured buttons would be a good way to test some glazes. On the mug, I’m trying to give my underglaze more of a watercolor look, with gradient edges. We’ll see how that fires.

Glazing, firing and finishing up a quilt I’m working on should keep my hands busy until they heal. My new approach: slathering them in various oils and wearing gloves overnight. This photo does not show you the ugly cracks I have going on on my right hand. No one wants to see that! I’m off allergy meds right now so I can have some testing done soon, so I’ve been feeling pretty out of sorts today. Off to bed I go!

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